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Overview of our

Baking tray cleaning machine


The EASY BELT is the smallest member of the cleaning machine family but delivers high performance.

BELT Universal

The BELT is a universal baking tray cleaning machine in the best of moulds, as it has been designed to ensure efficient cleaning of large quantities of moulded baking trays.

BELT Industry

The BELT baking tray cleaning system is particularly well suited to integration in baking lines – in the form of an automatic system that can be individually planned and precisely tailored to the cleaning requirements.

Release agent application machine


We paid particular attention to economical and evenly oiling during the development of the OILER.

Cleaning and oiling


The new combined “BELT-OILER-R” machine enables cleaning and oiling of baking trays in one single operation.



The POWDER has been designed to dust as evenly and economically as possible.

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