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Combined machine BELT-OILER

Combined machine


BELT-R and BELT-OILER-R are high-quality baking tray cleaning machines. Following automated cleaning and oiling, the baking trays are returned by a conveyor system to the starting point. The BELT-OILER-R is capable of dry cleaning and oiling almost all types of baking trays. The efficient and remarkable results of cleaning are attributable to the use of a new form of belt brush that adapts exactly to the contours, recesses and undulations in baking trays, hence ensuring thorough cleaning. Release agents are applied by special sensor-controlled Airmix nozzles that ensure the lowest possible consumption.


Proven uses

  • Flat trays with up to four rims
  • Baguette trays with and without rims
  • Trays with and without perforation
  • Coated and uncoated trays
  • Default width 600 mm, 800 mm and 1,000 mm
  • Hourly output approx. 1,200 trays

Your economic benefits

Our product offers you numerous economic advantages. With our flexible cleaning system, you can clean and oil baking sheets at the same time – all in one work step. This saves you time and effort when cleaning. In addition, our dry cleaning enables energy savings compared to wet cleaning.

This powerful dry cleaning significantly reduces the cleaning effort. Thanks to the ability to precisely adjust the amount of separating agent, you can efficiently control consumption and use the agent sparingly. Our sensors ensure that the spraying process is precisely controlled and starts and ends at the right time.

Our flexible cleaning system adapts to different baking sheets, giving you high versatility. In addition, our cover almost completely minimises the spray mist. With our product, you optimise your baking processes and increase your efficiency.

Compelling arguments

  • Flexible cleaning system for various different baking trays
  • Perfect for many different kinds of baking trays
  • Innovative technology ensures perfect cleaning results
  • Extremely economical consumption of release agents
  • One-person operation
  • Low space requirements
  • Almost no spray mist, additional protective hood
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